Automate Consulting

About us...

My name is Dan Doherty.  I live and work in the Boston area.  I work as a financial analyst specializing in automating reports.  I have over 20 years of hands-on experience with many of the Microsoft Office programs.  Using a variety of tools, I can simplify even the most complex tasks.  After helping several friends, coworkers and family members automate a variety of projects, I realized the need for this service. That's what led me to develop this business and offer my services to a wider range of potential customers.

In addition to my abilities, I have a support team with expertise in Information Technology and/or expert knowledge of the software needed to automate almost any task.  With my skills and resources, I am confident I can help you with any task that can be improved through automation.

Most projects can be relayed electronically, so no matter where you live or work, we can reach you!
Prices are reasonable and "NO JOB IS TOO SMALL".  So give us your vision of what you'd like to see.  I believe you will be pleased with the services we can provide.  Hope to talk to you soon!! 

Happy computing,
Dan Doherty
Let your computer do the work!!