Automate Consulting

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Let your computer do the work!!

"I am responsible for a fundraising activity at my school that involves tracking revenue for 13 classes and coordinating the prizes earned by each student based on the revenue generated.  Dan from Automate Consulting set up a file that made it very easy for us to track everything.  Revenue by class is easily summarized and the number of prizes each student has earned is automatically displayed, making ordering the right amount of prizes a snap.  This file saves us countless hours of paperwork with more accurate results.  Best of all, the file can be reused year after year.  Thanks for the great service you provide!!!"
Mary - Wakefield Public School System

"Dan Doherty came into the Bingo I operate at the beginning of the year and set us up for automatic reporting to the Mass Lottery Commission. We were doing everything by hand and he was able to recreate the State form on our computer and link all the information we enter throughout the night as Bingo progresses so that all we have to do when the Bingo is over is print the form, sign it, and send it in to the Lottery as required by law. He has saved us hours of work. He recently came in and linked our weekly information to a yearly sheet so when we do our annual reports in December we will not have to spend hours gathering information."
Tom Blades
Pope John XXIII High School Bingo