Automate Consulting

Here are just a few of the services we offer...
Let your computer do the work!!

* Small Business Tasks - looking for better inventory control, trying to track employee workhours, weekly and monthly summary reports proving to be a chore?  We can help with these issues and many more, making your daily life a lot easier!!

* Home projects - Do you have an extensive comic book, coins, stamps, etc.?  Do you have so many that you can never find what you want when you need it?  A simple database and/or pivot can give your collection new meaning!  Ask us how!!

* Fundraising efforts - we can help make it easier to track revenues, prizes, donors information, whatever it is you need to track!!

* Bingo Games - Manually completing those BC2 forms and end of year summaries?  Not to mention all the other daily and weekly information you track.  We can automate the entire process and link it to any worksheets you currently use!!

* Stock Portfolio Tracking - Buying and selling, trying to figure out what % you've gained or lost?  Need to set alerts to remind you when to sell or buy?  We can help with this and more!!

* Sports - want to track your kid's batting averages, free throw percentage, any statistic you can think of?  We can turn you into a "Stats Pro" in no time!!

* Misc - Use your imagination - what task do you perform now that you wish was easier and less time consuming?  Do you need a manual form reproduced electronically?  Chances are we can assist you in turning your thoughts into reality!  Don't wait ... contact us now.